A Social Media Course Designed and Managed by an

ACTUAL Expert Social Media Consultant.

What's Included

Blogging Course

Learn how to do your pinpoint your ideal client, discover the keywords they use when they search for you, how to write an editorial calendar, and then how to blog (don't worry, it isn't as scary as you think it is!

Social Media Course

Understand the culture of each social media platform, how to set-up and optimize each account, and then how to write great social media posts so your ideal clients can find you.

Daily Support

Every day (Monday-Friday) you receive an email with detailed instructions on activities to help you build your social media presence. There are prompts and ideas to keep your posts fresh as well as time management pointers.

Dr. Jennifer Gardella

Your Social Media Expert

"Most social media and blogging courses are run by experts who move onto other programs rather quickly.

Those other courses also end when you finish the content.

I specialize in blogging and social media for small business owners. It is all I do and I am in it for the long hual."

How It Works ?

Small Business Owners NEED social media support but lack the money to hire an expert and the time to figure out what to do! Your Social Media Hour is THE solution. YSMH provides FULL courses in blogging and social media. We then provide you with DAILY email support with a list of things to do every business day to build your business.

The Money Back Guarantee

Jennifer personally guarantees that the Your Social Media Program is exactly what you need to build a blog and execute a strategic social media strategy to attract your ideal clients.

If you complete the blogging and social media courses and do not feel as if the program is working for you, please follow the directions on this page to receive a full refund.

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