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Done WITH You Blogging and Social Media

Daily Social Media and Blogging support so your ideal customers and clients can find you on the web.

What's Included

Blogging Course

Learn how to do your pinpoint your ideal client, discover the keywords they use when they search for you, how to write an editorial calendar, and then how to blog (don't worry, it isn't as scary as you think it is!

Social Media Course

Understand the culture of each social media platform, how to set-up and optimize each account, and then how to write great social media posts so your ideal clients can find you.

Daily Support

Every day (Monday-Friday) you receive an email with detailed instructions on activities to help you build your social media presence. There are prompts and ideas to keep your posts fresh as well as time management pointers.

Jennifer Gardella, PhD

Your Social Media Expert

Do you need a social media consultant?

Jennifer Gardella, Ph.D. is Your Social Media Expert. For 10 years she had helped small business owners position their endeavor on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, and Instagram. She plans expert digital marketing strategies for her clients and teaches you how to do the same for your business.

Dr. Gardella created Your Social Media Hour when she realized a need for small business owners who want to do their own social media but do not have the time to learn what to do on each platform or figure out how to get organized.

Jennifer's is an expert blogging and social media consultant who is here to give you ALL of the details and instruction you need to build a significant digital footprint so your ideal clients and customers can easily find you.

Can you relate?

I don't know how to talk to my ideal customers and clients on my blog.

Social Media is SOOOO confusing, I just need a list of what to do.

I know my social media and blog do not reflect my brand

I just want to look better out there on the internet!!! HELP!

You deserve a digital presence that represents YOUR authority and expertise

and I provide you with ALL of the tools and know how to do just that.

~ Jennifer Gardella

Social Media isn't complicated ~ marketers just make it seem that way

You CANNOT create all your content for a year in an hour

(Beware of fads)

Do I need an editorial calendar?

Yes...absolutely! An editorial calendar is your guide to a coordinated digital marketing strategy. It can be as detailed or simple as you need at first and then can grow over time to include your blog, social media posts, newsletters, lead magnets - ALL other pieces of your digital marketing strategy.

How do I write an editorial calendar?

Get a pen and paper, a spreadsheet program (excel or Google sheet) and start writing down ideas! That is the way you begin to write an editorial calendar. As you go through the process of narrowing the directory details of your ideal client and then going through keyword and competitor research, you will start to build an editorial calendar.

What should I do on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great social media platform to build your business connections. You can find clients, power partners, networking contacts and other like-minded entrepreneurs for support and guidance. Your first steps to building a robust LinkedIn program for your business is to optimize a personal account for yourself and then set-up and optimize a business page for your enterprise. You want to start sharing relevant content as you also connect in with others.

What do I have to do on Facebook to grow my following and my business?

In and of itself, an organic Facebook strategy is NOT going to reap substantial rewards. Yes, most of us like to just build Facebook because it is the one platform we know really well. However, only (up to) 5% of those who like your page actually will see your content on a regular basis. SO...what to do?

It is still critical to have a Facebook presence and post to your page regularly. In the Your Social Media Hour system we do give you a detailed list of ways to enhance your Facebook business reach including optimizing your account, tagging others, enlisting social media partners to share for you...and a WHOLE lot more.

What do I do first on social media to grow my presence?

The first thing you really need to do is figure out the first few steps to get started. And then start moving, right away. There is NO point in putting together an elaborate plan and not moving! You'll need to set-up and optimize your accounts based on keyword and competitor research. Write your editorial calendar. Start writing your blog. We know it can be overwhelming. That is why, for members of Your Social Media Hour, we do all the heavy planning for you. Once you are set-up all you do is spend some time each and every day following the detailed instructions in our email to build your accounts!

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