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Using AI to Write Blogs:   The Perilous Path

September 09, 20233 min read

A reckoning is coming with AI much like we saw in 2011 with Penguin and Panda. - Dr Jenny Lynn

As a social media consultant for small business owners, I recommend NOT using AI to write ANY of your blogs.  Well, at least not without a heavy edit.  The solution is to use the blogging course here at Your Social Media Hour.  You will learn best practices to ensure your blog is SEO ready and also helps your ideal clients.  

Don’t get me wrong, AI is great for many things in marketing.  Summarizing, outlining, and writing certain phrases when you are at an impasse.  But so many businesses are relying on it too heavily and I believe it can be a significant problem.  

First and foremost, just like the early 2011s, I believe that Google is going to discount much of the content.  Let’s remember, Google is ALL about new, fresh, relevant, unique content.  And if there are AI detectors out there, you can bet that Google is watching.  

Next, while AI can definitely generate a well thought out blog, the truth is that most of the writing sounds just too perfect, if not ridiculous.  When I have tested AI out to write content, I am amazed at how many adjectives it can use in a single sentence.  

Lastly, many of the AI writers are not up to date.  So if you are in a field with cutting edge development, news stories, or big changes over the last few years, AI may not be able to produce a blog that is accurate.  Be careful.  

How can AI help in your blog and social media writing?

Outline:  It can start you off with a great outline for just about anything, especially a blog.  In your prompts you can include your wishes including audience, keywords, topics to include and even main points.  

Time Efficiency: AI can save you time.  It writes content in a matter of seconds and does much of the heavy lifting (research for you).  If done correctly (don’t forget that heavy edit) you can be completely done with a blog in well under an hour.  

Consistency:  With the ease and speed, AI will probably inspire you to write more content.  And, if you use the same prompts and narrow down your tone and writing sytel, you brand voice will shine through in your writing.  

Keyword Optimization:   If you have a keyword optimizer on your blog (like Yoast), you probably wonder how you can measure keyword density without counting.  AI can do that for you.  

Rewriting:  As I mention in my blog program, you need several great closing paragraphs with different CTAs mixed in.  AI is fabulous at getting you unstuck as you try to same the exact same thing over and over with different words.  Again, just don’t forget to edit.  

While AI can be a trusted companion of any content writer, it is critical to recognize that there are dangers, present and future, in an overreliance on AI-generated content.  Here at Your Social Media hour we recommend using AI to start blogs for a general outline, summarizing complicated topics, and helping to rewrite if writer's block cramps your style.  Keep your focus on delivering high-quality, informative, and engaging content geared towards your ideal client while optimizing their SEO efforts for a successful online presence.

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Jennifer Gardella, PhD

Dr Jennifer Gardella is your social media expert. She has built Your Social Media Hour to help small business owners, personalities, authors, attorneys (and others!) get the help they need!

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