Your Power Hour

You are a small business owner ready to develop or significantly expand a social media footprint for your business and position yourself as an expert.  You are highly motivated and have time to dedicate almost every day to the effort.  Additionally, you recognize the importance of a monthly check-in with a social media consultant and welcome the opportunity to work with Jen to set goals, priorities and get help with tough situations.

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Your membership includes:

  • An email delivered to your inbox every day with detailed information on how to promote you and your business.
  • A monthly group coaching call with Jen with great ideas and lots of questions answered.
  • A private monthly coaching call with you (or a member of your staff)
  • Access and membership into private Facebook, LinkedIn, and G+ groups.

All for just $50 per month

We look forward to working with you and building out a strong social media footprint for you and your small business.