A Plan to Share and Engage Customers and Clients

So you have your accounts set-up and you are connecting with the right people  and now you need to start being social.  Engaging with customers and clients on social media is not just posting your daily special, a new blog post, or your biography.  Only posting links to your website properties is not social and your connections will see you only as an advertisement.

You need a plan to follow that will get you easily moving and interacting.  Sharing your content, the right content of other people, liking, plussing, tweeting, retweeting, sharing posts, commenting…all to ensure your social media strategy is strategic and comprehensive.

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Given that social media is, by its definition, social, you need to do more than just post links to your own content.  Your interactions can certainly share your content but also relevant content from non-competitors.

You also need a plan to remember to interact with content your connections are posting.  This part of your social media strategy is critical so you interact with others on terms and in ways that they need.  It is simple to get noticed by others by taking a few simple steps on social media.

Need all this broken down into simple steps?  No problem, we can help you.