Your Password Keeper

When Jen starts to work with a new client they usually do not have an organized system for storing passwords.  Most of the time they have a few of each account including multiple twitters, G+ accounts and possibly even two LinkedIn accounts.  If this is you, it will be important to do two things:

  1. Do a thorough search of each social media site
  2. Recover passwords of each account that is set-up.
  3. Permanently delete all duplicate accounts
  4. Keep your passwords secure and in one place for each reference.

Often, when passwords are a problem we go old school and start with a password keeper.  Typically this moves to a  cloud doc so multiple people have access or you can use a service like LastPass.

As you get started, I recommend using this sheet to keep track of your basic accounts.

Download the Password Keeper here:  your-password-keeper