Your Media Take-over

Your Media Takeover You have your accounts set-up and are ready to go….but what to do each day is a mystery.  With all the other parts of your business demanding your attention you do not have time to research how to build a social media strategy, you just want to get moving…now.  Each day you want a clear set of directions.  Some days you will be able to set aside time and other days you may not.  This level keeps you moving with a daily reminder but keeps your busy schedule and business in mind.

 Join today for only $35 per month.

Included in your subscription:

  • An email waits for you every morning with clear directions on how to establish and develop a social media presence for you and your small business.
  • A private Facebook group for members to interact and share content they would like promoted.
  • A monthly group coaching call with Jen where you are updated with new great ideas and questions are answered.

We look forward to working with you!