What is a keyword?

Keywords are single words or phrases that define your business, goods and services. These are the words and phrases that clients and potential clients use when searching online for your type of business. If you use them correct in your blog posts and website articles the google spiders (the algorithms that crawl websites looking for good content) may match that to the searchers wishes and bam…your site appears higher in search results. Sounds simple, right?

Ideally, you know the exact words and phrases that customers are using when searching for your goods and services.  You then use these words and phrases in the articles for your website and your blog posts.  The magic happens when a searcher enters the word or phrase and your site will be selected to show in search results.

What keywords to use and how to use them takes some research and thought.

There are three main types of keywords:

  1. Single Words:                             ie:  schools
  2. Short Keywords:                      ie:   private schools
  3. Long-Tail Keywords:              ie:  private schools in Princeton New Jersey

You will have a set of keywords that you always use that define your business:  ie:  personal fitness or cooking classes.

You may have a set of keywords related to your location “New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer” or “Union County Real Estate Agent.”

Additionally, for some of your content writing, you will have keywords related to the topic.  “Getting a Good Night’s Sleep,” or “What is a HMO?”

Where to find your keywords:

1.   What words and phrases define your business?

2. Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to explore the words and phrases related to your business.  Google has set-up this feature using the  information searches

3.  Google’s Adwords Tool

The adwords tool is another great resource for you to use when exploring how potential customers and clients are searching the web    for goods and services that you provide.

4.  Check out your competitors.

Read through your competitors blog posts and website articles.  Do they have themes?  What keywords do they consistently use?

How to use your keywords:

Google best practices dictate that you write keyword rich content. This simply means that you naturally use your keywords as if you were talking directly to a client or customer. Keywords should be used appropriately and sporadically throughout your writing. You tailor your writing to them but don’t overuse them.

The opposite (and what you will be penalized for) is keyword stuffing. Google is onto this practice and penalizes sites that overuse keywords in an attempt to attract the Google spiders.  For instance “New Jersey divorce attorney specializing all areas of New Jersey Divorce” would be considered overuse of keywords.  Your writing should be natural as if you are speaking directly to a person.