How Jen got started in Social Media

Jen’s first job in “the biz” was when she worked as the Director of Marketing for a small law firm in New Jersey.  She was hired because there was a problem.   After years of ranking highly in Google search, the business website was nowhere to be found.  The managing attorney knew he needed a website redesign, strategic social media campaign, blogging strategy, linking, SEO…there was a lot to do.

When she started in the position she had a working knowledge of social media and investigated the right way to engage for a business.  Through content writing and appropriate social media interactions, Jen positioned that law firm, in about four months, to consistently rank in first place on the first page of Google search results for our target keywords.   With Jen’s help, you can realize success for your business as well.

When social media became a part of her professional life Jen connected to  the experts.  Many consultants assured me that the only way to effectively handle social media engagement was to let their expensive outside firm do the work.   But, Jen believe in authentic engagement.  Establishing your authentic social media presence is critical for your business.   You are an expert in what you do and the best one to promote it.

Now Jen brings that expert knowledge to small business owners at a price point that will not break the budget.  As Jen says “I have taken my expert knowledge of social media and developed a simple step-by-step system for you to set-up or check your accounts.  Once your accounts are set-up and optimized, every day you receive an email with a list of important social media tasks to complete as your schedule allows.”    The daily list will include engaging with your customers and clients, sharing content, building up your accounts, and a few ideas if you have extra time.