Google+ is Important for Your Small Business

Small business owners are often a bit overwhelmed when thinking about Google+.  They have heard it is important, do not understand why, and have no idea how to get started.  I speak about this topic often, and have included my slides here for you on Slideshare.

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Simply put, Google+ is a social media platform that has a tremendous benefit to your website SEO.  Google wanted a social platform and developed G+.  The initial problem was that no one was joining. So they kicked up the benefits of playing.  Here are a few of the reasons why it is important:

  1. You are playing in the Google Sandbox.   When Google gives us a toy to play with, well, we play.  Our videos are housed on YouTube and we write often on Blogger.  You use Google Chrome and keep your docs on Google Drive.  Google tracks and likes all of your activity.  When all correctly connected, your website can really benefit.
  2. Google+ is integrated with Google Search – when you write a post on G+ it is indexed by the Google search algorithm.  This means, that it can rank when searchers look for that content.  Correctly written posts include clear and well-written descriptions that describe a core business area including keywords that users include in searches.
  3. When other plussers interact with your content, they can +1 your post (similar to the Facebook “like”)  This shows Google you have credible content.  Since the content is directly tied to your website your social media counters will track this endorsement (you do have social media counters, right?).
  4. Google+ allows you to connect to Google Authorship which links your content writing across the web.   Google can track your authority on the internet and your website gets a boost in search results.
  5. Google+ is full of industry leaders and through the platform you have access to them.   Anyone who is anyone is actively on Google+ and looking to connect with others to get conversations started.  You can tag others easily and ask them questions or even reach out to them personally asking for advice.
  6. Google Plus is a social media platform – one of many.  By actively playing on G+ you continue your commitment to “be everywhere in a unique way” (you have made that commitment haven’t you?).

Just like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter it is important for you and your small business to have a presence on G+.  Not sure where to begin?  No problem, we have put together all the instructions you need in our daily email system.  Click on over to our membership levels and get started today.