Social Media Planning for Your Small Business

Are you ready for Fall?

A well-thought out social media strategy is critical to any small business marketing plan.    The start of the fall season is a great time to establish an online presence and conduct some social media planning to spruce up your existing efforts.  With children back to school and summer coming to a close, your customers and clients are starting to get back to a regular routine. Take the time to plan out how best to connect with them and drive traffic to your business.

I developed my service as a way to give small business owners the daily support they need to implement and maintain a strong social media presence.  I have already developed the plan so my clients can hit the ground running.  If you are a small business owner and want to start social media planning, here are some great steps to take:

1)       Revisit your goals.  Do you need to phone to ring, foot traffic through your front door, or a visit to your website? Your social media strategy should be geared around your desired outcomes.  Next, are you connecting with customers and clients in a way that drives them to your business?  Have you seen an increase in traffic (foot or site visits)?

2)       Are you connecting with the right people?  Who is your target audience and where do they spend their time on the internet?  If you are B2B your strategy is going to be very different than if you are targeting individuals in their personal lives.  Look at gender, location, age, and income of your current customer and client base.  Connecting with the right people on social media accounts is critical and knowing whom you are looking for will help as you build up your presence. You may have 4,000 people liking your Facebook Buisness page, but if they aren’t the right people it is a wasted effort.

3)      What type of information are you sharing?  Are you constantly sharing content from your own site (and therefore viewed as an advertisement or do you care to bring the high quality content of others to your audience?  Are you prepared with an editorial calendar to start writing high value now through the fall?

4)      Revisit your profiles.  For most small businesses, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook are all you need to get started.  Now is a great itme to check-in on your profiles making sure you have unique descriptions around the web and they are fully filled out.

5)    If you have been fitting social media into your schedule as time allows, now is time to establish a daily and weekly routine of when you are going to post, interact, check-in on customers talking about your business, update your profiles and search for new opportunities.  You do not have to be everywhere every day, but you do need to make sure your plan adequately covers all the bases on a regular schedule.  If developing this schedule seems like a lot of work, just subscribe to my service for only $25 per month, and your daily plan will be in your inbox every morning.

Establishing a strong social media presence for your small business will take time and energy.  The first step is to do the planning necessary for success.  Fall is a great time to revisit plans so you stand out right into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.  If you need a bit of help, do not hesitate to reach out.

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