Locating Great Content to Share

A strong social media presence should be the cornerstone of any small business marketing campaign.  A large part of that strategy is sharing content and starting conversations around your core business areas.  Sharing your own website articles and blog posts with well written keyword rich posts will drive traffic to your website and storefront.  However, you need to be careful and also share the content of others so you do not always look like you are advertising.  Clients always ask me:

How do I find great content to share?

For users, social media is social.  Potential customers and clients are interacting on different platforms as part of their personal and professional lives.  As a small business owner you should focus on adding value to their experience highlighting your expertise around the core areas of your business.

Finding relevant content from non-competing but like minded sources can be a challenge.   In this article, I offered tips to consider when you are sharing the content of others.  Now, you need to find the content from credible sources to share:

1.   Humor

On social media sites this translates to pictures , funny sayings, and ecards.  Google “funny quotes” followed by one of your popular keywords and search through results.  Here is a great tip:  type in one of your keywords and click “image search” in Google to see if any pictures have already been creative.  You can create your own ecards and add text to your own pictures using a variety of online resources.

2.  Inspirational quotes

Everyone needs a pick-me-up during the day and you can be the one to provide it!  Select quotes that show your compassion, dedication, and passion for your business.

3.   Blog posts and website articles from like-minded but non-competing businesses

If you are a divorce attorney look for those who also practice your specialty but outside of your target area (or state).  If you are a hair salon share the blogs of famous hair stylists and beauty supply companies.

Hot tip:  When sharing, make sure to tag the author or company.  Many times people have Google Alerts set-up to track mentions they receive around the web and will go out of their way to interact with you when you share their content.

4.  Credible Websites:

It is very hard to know what content is credible when you have never heard of a particular website, even if the content seems legitimate.  I always err on the side of caution because I do not want to associate myself with problem sites.  I highly recommend searching in the following sites for credible content:  Huffington Post, Forbes, Buzz Feed, Ted Talks, and The Wall Street Journal. Credible Sources:    Most have an alert system either by section, by keyword and even by author. If you register the site will inform you when content is published for your keyword or author as set by you.

5.   Set-up a Google Alert for your core business areas and key writers.

Starting to share the content of others can be an overwhelming process since you are also learning the ins and outs of connecting on social media sites. If at any time you need some support, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I am always available to help!

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