Connecting with the Right People

Building a strong social media presence is a slow and steady process.  You need to find and connect with individuals who can drive business to your website or storefront.

Taking time to build out your connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ can be hard.  However, members of our service are reminded on a weekly basis to take a few minutes and are given suggestions of the types of people they want to connect to.

Better to build up your accounts naturally connecting with the right people.  Not sure how and want some guidance?

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You probably need a reminder to connect with more individuals.  Remember, social media  is, by definition, a social experience so you want to make sure you are sharing information and interacting with a crowd that can help build your enterprise.  You may be a local small business, internet website, or nationally known speaker.   You just don’t need connections, you need to be in touch on a daily basis with people who can drive traffic to your goods and services.

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