What to Post on Social Media

No Cats….Bacon….or Food

A few years ago I had the good fortune of listening to Heather Dopson of Infusionsoft. She was speaking about the concept of Lifecycle marketing through Sell. It was very informative with great tips on how you have to provide great content on social media. She made an interesting comment that made me chuckle but is also great business advice. “You posting pictures of cats or bacon on your Facebook page probably are not relevant to your customer unless you are in the feline industry or the restaurant industry. So stop, just stop (more…)

Your Digital “Flip-Flop” Footprint

Flip Flops

As the weather has been warmer and sun shining, a bevy of activities are available to your customers and clients. You may find foot traffic into your storefront and views on your website slowing down bit.   The phone might not be ringing as frequently. If this is an expected part of your business cycle and you find yourself with less business hustle and bustle, use the time to relax into a social media strategy. For many small business owners just thinking about social media creates stress.  You may be (more…)

A Relaunch of Your Social Media Hour

The Your Social Media Hour team is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our services to better serve the needs of our clients.  Our clients told us they needed more options in frequency of information and some wanted to include personalized coaching from Jen.  We are thrilled to now offer the following different levels to our customers which each provide information and training at a commitment level and price point they can fit into their routines and budgets.

Need help with social media for your small business?

Here is how we can help (more…)

Social Media: Inform, Educate, or Entertain

I recently attended a networking event and the speaker, Jon Zack of EggZack gave a presentation on social media for small businesses.  I was really impressed he knew his stuff and had a great way to look at social media marketing for small business owners.  His philosophy is that when positioning yourself on social media you should look to Inform, Educate or Entertain.  This thought process is as brilliant as it is simple.  After all, users play on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ looking for information, to be educated, or to be entertained.  Let’s unpack these and expand (more…)

Get Your Facebook Posts Noticed

Many small business owners invest substantial time in creating and maintaining a presence on Facebook.  This seems like a wise approach since, if the social media site was a county it would be the third largest in the world so you have access to lots of people.  And if you have enough ‘likes’ on your page and post often then it is essentially free advertising – right?  Unfortunately no.  Facebook is only displaying your posts to approximately 20% of individuals who have ‘liked’ your page.

Why?  Because Facebook is a for profit business and wants to make money and they want (more…)

Networking and Social Media

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Networking within your community can reap great rewards for your small business.  You have the opportunity to position yourself as an expert, show your personality, find resources and make valuable connections for the purpose of growing your social media footprint.  Most of the other networking attendees are also small business owners so you are meeting individuals looking to grow themselves and should be eager to connect with you.  How to connect on Social Media after an event does take some effort.  But the benefit is growing a substantial presence.  Here are a few tips:

Exchange business cards   (more…)

Affiliate Program Open For Business

Your Social Media Hour is thrilled to announce the launch of our affiliate program.  This is a fun and exciting new development for the company and a huge opportunity for you.  As an affiliate you will earn $10 for each person who joins our site through your effort.

Sign-up for our affiliate program today.

The Your Social Media Hour service was designed to support any business operation.  Every day our clients receive an email listing detailed ideas on what they can do to promote their small business on social media.  The service is perfect for any (more…)

Christmas Jammies: #Brilliant

Small business owners have a very unique opportunity to showcase their personality and style when promoting a business. I do believe it is important to have some personal space away from your professional life, however, there are times when the perfect storm strikes and you have the opportunity to blend. Penn and Kim Holderness of Green Room Production have done just that.  Rather than doing a traditional holiday card, they produced a video recap of their year.  After making you laugh at their poignant and ridiculous moments they briefly mention that Penn will be leaving his current job to (more…)

New Jersey Social Media Privacy Law

Many business owners and company executives are wondering how the New Jersey Social Media Privacy Law will impact their operations.  Before the legislation was passed, many employers struggled with how to monitor and control employee online activity.  As a social media consultant I believe that all employers have the opportunity to use this new law as a springboard for training and fostering a sense of community around social media.  The law should be used as an opportunity to talk with employees about the role they play in helping the company for employees and the bottom line.  Here are a (more…)

My Ideal Social Media Client

I was recently at a networking event exchanging business cards and connecting with small business owners.  I love sharing my mission to help small business owners position their goods and services on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Gooogle+ and Facebook.  As the official program started the moderator decided to add a change to the standard 60 second elevator speech.  We were to each take a few seconds to explain our company but then move quickly to explaining our ideal client.  This was an easy one for me.

For my subsciption service , the ideal client is any small (more…)