What to Post on Social Media

No Cats….Bacon….or Food

A few years ago I had the good fortune of listening to Heather Dopson of Infusionsoft. She was speaking about the concept of Lifecycle marketing through Sell. It was very informative with great tips on how you have to provide great content on social media. She made an interesting comment that made me chuckle but is also great business advice. “You posting pictures of cats or bacon on your Facebook page probably are not relevant to your customer unless you are in the feline industry or the restaurant industry. So stop, just stop (more…)

What Do I Do on Social Media?

So many small business owners always tell us “but I don’t know what to do on social media!”  They are experts at what they do for their customers or clients, but they have no idea how to market themselves on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Twitter.   In fact, it can be a real problem because not only are they missing prospects but they look a bit rediculous without a substantial presence.

And this is why Jennifer Gardella created Your Social Media Hour.  To help small business owners just like you get the help they need every week without breaking (more…)

Networking and Social Media

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Networking within your community can reap great rewards for your small business.  You have the opportunity to position yourself as an expert, show your personality, find resources and make valuable connections for the purpose of growing your social media footprint.  Most of the other networking attendees are also small business owners so you are meeting individuals looking to grow themselves and should be eager to connect with you.  How to connect on Social Media after an event does take some effort.  But the benefit is growing a substantial presence.  Here are a few tips:

Exchange business cards   (more…)

Should I Buy Facebook Likes?

download (1)When building a social media presence, many small business owners begin with a Facebook page.  It makes sense:  they are familiar with the platform; it is very popular (with over a billion users);  and you can get started rather quickly.  However, soon after setting up most start to stress on how to get “likes” for their business.  I am constantly asked “how do I get more likes?   Here at Your Social Media Hour we believe in building an authentic social footprint.  My motto is quality over quantity (which (more…)

The Power of Social Media – Learn from the Giraffes

If you are a Facebook user, you probably saw a number of friends changing their profile pictures this week to those of giraffes.


My own newsfeed started to look like the opening scene from the Lion King.   Friends were reaching out to me and asking the question “Why is everyone changing their profile picture to a giraffe?”  The answer is simple, a riddle went viral.  I just googled “giraffes” and the first several pages of Google search results are all related to the changing of Facebook profile pictures, nothing about the actual (more…)

Follow You if You Follow Me?

Every small business owner struggles with the number of followers they have on social media accounts.  There seems to be a rush to rush to connect with as many people as possible.  Placing emphasis on quality rather than quality could lead to problems.  Some sites, like Google+ only allow you to circle 5,000 individuals.  When you start it may seem as if you will never reach that limit but I can assure you I have seen clients push the envelope connecting with the wrong people.   Then, when the right people come along, namely great potential customers and clients, my (more…)

Foursquare for Your Small Business

As a social media consultant,  I am active on all social media platforms.  It isn’t just a job for me, I actually have a great time interacting for both business and pleasure.  For over a year I have been playing on and building a Foursquare account and am happy to report, it is not only fun, but a growing social media platform all small business owners can benefit from by using.  As we say in the biz, “be everywhere in a unique way”  and so while not a major player like LinkedIn, Twitter, (more…)

Owning the First Page of Google Search Results for Your Name

A hotly discussed and debated topic in the world of online marketing is how to rank on the first page of  Google search results. There is no magic bullet, formula, or company that can instantaneously propel you to the first page. If a company guarantees you first page success, they are making promises they just cannot keep. Only a strategically developed and well coordinated plan including a website and social media strategy will propel you to the top. Implementing and executing your plans will take time.  Slow and steady wins the race.

As you start to implement your plans and connect (more…)

Summertime Social Media Planning

For many small business owners, summer is a great time to plan.  With customers and clients away on vacation or just enjoying the slower pace in life, traffic into your business or storefront may dip a bit.  Dedicating some of this time to planning your social media strategy can reap great rewards for you both in the coming weeks and in the fall as demand increases.  Here are a few ideas to help you get prepared for the start of fall and help to drive customers into your business straight through to the holiday season.

  1. Learn the ins and outs of (more…)

Your Social Media Hour – Let’s Do This

Welcome to the inaugural blog post for Your Social Media Hour. My name is Jennifer Gardella, and I started my website site to help small business owners just like you make sense of the complex world of Social Media.

What Is Social Media?
I wouldn’t say there is one universal definition of Social Media. It really is an umbrella idea encompassing many different websites where individuals can engage. The websites greatly differ in both purpose and function so knowing where your business fits and how to interact is very important. For instance, you would not tweet on Twitter the same way you would share your blog post on LinkedIn. Continue reading (more…)