New Jersey Social Media Privacy Law

Many business owners and company executives are wondering how the New Jersey Social Media Privacy Law will impact their operations.  Before the legislation was passed, many employers struggled with how to monitor and control employee online activity.  As a social media consultant I believe that all employers have the opportunity to use this new law as a springboard for training and fostering a sense of community around social media.  The law should be used as an opportunity to talk with employees about the role they play in helping the company for employees and the bottom line.  Here are a (more…)

My Ideal Social Media Client

I was recently at a networking event exchanging business cards and connecting with small business owners.  I love sharing my mission to help small business owners position their goods and services on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Gooogle+ and Facebook.  As the official program started the moderator decided to add a change to the standard 60 second elevator speech.  We were to each take a few seconds to explain our company but then move quickly to explaining our ideal client.  This was an easy one for me.

For my subsciption service , the ideal client is any small (more…)

Is Your Social Media Ready for the Holidays?

Is your small business ready for the holiday season?  My phone has been ringing with many small business owners wanting to get their operations correctly positioned before the holidays.   Well optimized accounts, a decent following, a bit of know how, and most importantly, you need a plan.

If you do not know where to start the great news is that I am here to help.  By subscribing to my service, which is only $25 per month, you get a daily email reminder of tasks to complete on LinkedIn, Twitter, G+ and Facebook.  The emails help you set-up your (more…)

The Power of Social Media – Learn from the Giraffes

If you are a Facebook user, you probably saw a number of friends changing their profile pictures this week to those of giraffes.


My own newsfeed started to look like the opening scene from the Lion King.   Friends were reaching out to me and asking the question “Why is everyone changing their profile picture to a giraffe?”  The answer is simple, a riddle went viral.  I just googled “giraffes” and the first several pages of Google search results are all related to the changing of Facebook profile pictures, nothing about the actual (more…)

Sharing my Craft

When I created Your Social Media Hour I had a laundry list of great ideas to promote my business.  The list included writing great content (website articles and blog posts), speaking engagements, networking, creating a newsletter and videos, and of course, executing a strategic social media campaign.  This past Saturday was the first time I took the show on the road and spoke at the Center for Relaxation and Healing in Plainsboro, NJ.


I speak to small business owners about social media strategy all the time and find that they are (more…)

Google Hummingbird and Social Media

Over the course of the last month Google has added a new algorithm to enhance the experience of users when they search for information, it is called Hummingbird.  Best explained by Danny Sullivan, we can look at Google  Hummingbird as a new engine built with some existing parts.  Google didn’t replace everything about the way it was handling search, rather it incorporated the parts that were working into a new system.  Most importantly, Hummingbird takes Google search in a new direction:  conversational search.  

What is conversational search?  When searching, users tend to enter questions and (more…)

Follow You if You Follow Me?

Every small business owner struggles with the number of followers they have on social media accounts.  There seems to be a rush to rush to connect with as many people as possible.  Placing emphasis on quality rather than quality could lead to problems.  Some sites, like Google+ only allow you to circle 5,000 individuals.  When you start it may seem as if you will never reach that limit but I can assure you I have seen clients push the envelope connecting with the wrong people.   Then, when the right people come along, namely great potential customers and clients, my (more…)

New Changes to Google Search

If you are wondering how the new changes at Google will impact your small business online marketing efforts, let me bottom line it for you….

Write great content that adds value to your potential customers and clients.

Focus on Quality…end of story.

You may have seen some jargon running across your news feeds about the recent change Google made to data it will supplied on keywords.  The geek press is is abuzz today with the news.

My clients have been asking what this means for their small business online marketing efforts?  Keep writing great content that will add value to (more…)

Foursquare for Your Small Business

As a social media consultant,  I am active on all social media platforms.  It isn’t just a job for me, I actually have a great time interacting for both business and pleasure.  For over a year I have been playing on and building a Foursquare account and am happy to report, it is not only fun, but a growing social media platform all small business owners can benefit from by using.  As we say in the biz, “be everywhere in a unique way”  and so while not a major player like LinkedIn, Twitter, (more…)

LinkedIn, A Family Affair

Is your family ready for the new LinkedIn changes?  All three generations of my family are getting involved.

A few weeks ago I was sitting with my parents and my mom asked me “What is LinkedIn?” Now, as a social media consultant I help clients every day set-up and optimize their LinkedIn personal and business profiles. So, mom’s question caused me to silently chuckle since she has no idea what it is that I do. I have heard many professionals in tech have had similar experiences with their own parents.  As an award winning world-class artist, mom has a (more…)