Social Media Account Set-up

Your social media profiles are your digital calling card.  They represent you, your brand and your business as customers and clients look for your particular goods and services.  Are your profiles set-up, optimized, and continually improved?  No, then…

Join today and get the help you need to set-up and optimize your profiles.

Setting up social media accounts can be time consuming, frustrating, and mistakes can be made.  Common errors include not properly registering your name, stuffing your profile with keywords and leaving spaces blank thinking you will get to them later(which you never do).

How you write your profile including past business history, description of your business, and your accomplishments can make or break a customer’s decision to check out your operation.  Complete profiles that are continually updated with fresh new information highlighting exciting things happening in your business welcome customers and clients.

Our daily email reminds you to update your profiles walking you through each step of the process.  The, we periodically remind you to make updates and changes.

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