What to Post on Social Media

No Cats….Bacon….or Food

A few years ago I had the good fortune of listening to Heather Dopson of Infusionsoft. She was speaking about the concept of Lifecycle marketing through Sell. It was very informative with great tips on how you have to provide great content on social media. She made an interesting comment that made me chuckle but is also great business advice. “You posting pictures of cats or bacon on your Facebook page probably are not relevant to your customer unless you are in the feline industry or the restaurant industry. So stop, just stop doing it.” I agree, Heather, just stop it. While yes, #caturday has made quite a splash on Google+, leave it on G+. So what should you be sharing?

Work on Your Core

For the most part, try to keep your posts to what your business is all about. Try to find and share articles related to your industry and what your business is all about. Having informative and up-to-date information on your Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter, or website makes you appear relevant and engaged within your industry.

Focus your blogs on what you know best. Share helpful tips or how-to’s or solve common issues. Entertain with professional stories people can laugh and relate to. You can share industry-related news stories to give your blog credibility. Just keep it to your industry and business. No need for a long post about how cute your pets are or what your kids did this weekend. You want to be professional and consistent.

No Need for Competition

Share content from non-competitors that’s related to your business and what you tend to share. You want to seem engaged in the larger community within your industry, but do not want to share great content from one of your competitors. That would be entirely ineffective and make you appear like you don’t truly understand what you’re sharing and posting. Make smart decisions, and find other small businesses in your industry who won’t pose a threat to you, and share away.

Look to Inspire

Perhaps you haven’t looked around enough to realize that social media is really all about inspiring, educating, and entertaining. Use those purposes to your advantage and base your posts around that. Post some inspirational quotes on your various profiles. You can use Canva for a quick way to dress them up and make them look professional and consistent.  Whether the quotes are your originals or borrowed from someone else, use them to inspire your followers to get through a workweek, start their own business, or keep up on their own social media.

No Need for a Snack Break

Like Heather said, unless you are in the restaurant industry, there is truly no need to share you food. Typically food pictures do not even turn out that great, taken on an iPhone, in bad lighting, with a bad filter, does not make for an appetizing photo. Try to keep things professional. Focus on relevant, business related topics, not the great salad you had a Panera for lunch today.

So while your personal Instagram may be full of food pictures and candid shots of your dog, your small business’s social media accounts should never have those posts on them. When it comes down to it consistency and being professional are going to make your social media accounts as successful and effective as possible.

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