What Do I Do on Social Media?

So many small business owners always tell us “but I don’t know what to do on social media!”  They are experts at what they do for their customers or clients, but they have no idea how to market themselves on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Twitter.   In fact, it can be a real problem because not only are they missing prospects but they look a bit rediculous without a substantial presence.

And this is why Jennifer Gardella created Your Social Media Hour.  To help small business owners just like you get the help they need every week without breaking their marketing budget.

So where should you, the average small business do every day on social media? Well here are some basic suggestions:

  • Set-Up your profiles – take a few minutes each and every day to work on your profiles.  Adding information to profiles (or finally setting up a Twitter account) will get you moving.  You can change out your profile picture, add another position to your LinkedIn account, ask a few friends to like your business Facebook page, or retweet an industry influencer.
  • Connect with a few key people – those in your networking group, family, friends and neighbors, other small business owners are all great connections.  Send them an invite to connect on LinkedIn, like their Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter.  It just takes a few every day to build.
  • Share a piece of content.  This is the scariest part for most – because they aren’t not sure what to share.  Half the content you share should be yours and half should be the content of other non-competitors.

All of this should take you about an hour every day.  Still not sure what to do or where to get started?  Sign-up with us today and we will show you how to build a substantial presence to promote your goods and services and drive business to your operation.

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