Your Digital “Flip-Flop” Footprint

Flip Flops

As the weather has been warmer and sun shining, a bevy of activities are available to your customers and clients. You may find foot traffic into your storefront and views on your website slowing down bit.   The phone might not be ringing as frequently. If this is an expected part of your business cycle and you find yourself with less business hustle and bustle, use the time to relax into a social media strategy. For many small business owners just thinking about social media creates stress.  You may be overwhelmed with the idea of setting up your accounts, connecting to the right people, and then actually being social.

If this stress sounds familiar, do not worry, we can help you.  Right now, I challenge you to take the slower pace of summer and make one significant difference to your social media strategy in each of the following areas.  I have listed out lots of things you can get done in manageable amounts of time.  Take it slow so you do not get overwhelmed and most importantly, be authentically social!

1) Set-up well-written profiles and accounts.  In this important sector of social media take a good look at your accounts.  Change your picture, add a background photo, or expand the writing in your bio.  Look at one of your accounts and put in the links to your website, blog, and even your other social media accounts.
2) Connect with the right people.  Ever wonder who you should connect to?  Search contacts from your alumni association, high school, local neighborhood, or a job you previously held.  Is there a local politician with an extensive number of contacts or even a fellow small business owner?
3)  Make the commitment to share one article from your website per week on what site and then one piece of content from a non-competitor.  Sharing the content of others shows you are not just advertising your own business and are relevant in your field.

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Until next time, Jen

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