A Relaunch of Your Social Media Hour

The Your Social Media Hour team is thrilled to announce a significant expansion of our services to better serve the needs of our clients.  Our clients told us they needed more options in frequency of information and some wanted to include personalized coaching from Jen.  We are thrilled to now offer the following different levels to our customers which each provide information and training at a commitment level and price point they can fit into their routines and budgets.

Need help with social media for your small business?

Here is how we can help you…

Level 1:  Your Social Experience – this level is designed for small business owners and individuals who wish to get started on G+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. The guidance provided helps set-up accounts and profiles, provides instruction on whom to connect with, and then how to be social on each platform.  You also gain access to our private Facebook group so you can interact with others who are also building a social media presence.

Level 2:  Your Media Takeover is for the more serious entrepreneur or personality who would like direction on how to get moving every day on social media.  In addition to receiving a daily email of instructions you are invited each month to a group training where your social media questions will be answered and specialized help given.  You have access to our private Facebook group

Level 3:  Your Power Hour brings the daily email, private groups, and personal time with Jen.  Each day you receive instruction via our email system, a 15 minute phone call with Jen, group training during our monthly webinar, and private groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

If you are small business owner looking for support and direction to start and build your social media campaigns look no further.  Join today to get started with all aspects of our system at a level comfortable for you.

We would like to thank all of our clients for their feedback, the wisdom of Jamie Broderick and the women of Network Now Connections for their honesty, and the unending support of Marcus Padulchick during this transition.

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