Social Media: Inform, Educate, or Entertain

I recently attended a networking event and the speaker, Jon Zack of EggZack gave a presentation on social media for small businesses.  I was really impressed he knew his stuff and had a great way to look at social media marketing for small business owners.  His philosophy is that when positioning yourself on social media you should look to Inform, Educate or Entertain.  This thought process is as brilliant as it is simple.  After all, users play on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ looking for information, to be educated, or to be entertained.  Let’s unpack these and expand on how this relates to your business.

Inform:  You can inform your connections on many happenings with your business, occurring within your industry, or how another customer or client benefited from services.  Do you have a new product, new use, or new idea service you are offering?  You can also showcase your staff to help your connections see the personality and culture of your office.  Is there a current events news story you can highlight with your own personal expert opinion attached?

Educate:  When researching goods and services these days your clients and customers want information.  Individuals gravitate to the internet for pros and cons, reviews, and specific information.  They want to know the details of your business broken down in small digestible pieces so they can process it through the context of their own lives.

Entertain:  Let’s face it, everyone likes a good laugh and/or high entertainment value when they are online.  Sure, we all enjoy catching up with friends and hearing about news and events.  We also like a laugh.  Pictures, funny stories, and jokes are all welcomed additions to the newsfeed.

Your own website articles and blog posts should be part of the mix of content you use to inform, educate and entertain.  Make sure you have a detailed plan on how and when to appropriate share content for maximum user engagement.  After your accounts are set-up and well optimized your goal should be to interact, on a daily basis with your connections.  You need to understand the mechanics of each platform, the individual cultures and how to use it best for your small business.

This is where my service, Your Social Media Hour can be of tremendous benefit in setting up your accounts, learning the ropes of each platform, and then knowing what to do every day.  When you receive your email from me each day you have lots of great ideas on what to do.  Click here for more information.

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