Get Your Facebook Posts Noticed

Many small business owners invest substantial time in creating and maintaining a presence on Facebook.  This seems like a wise approach since, if the social media site was a county it would be the third largest in the world so you have access to lots of people.  And if you have enough ‘likes’ on your page and post often then it is essentially free advertising – right?  Unfortunately no.  Facebook is only displaying your posts to approximately 20% of individuals who have ‘liked’ your page.

Why?  Because Facebook is a for profit business and wants to make money and they want small business owners to promote posts.  This means you pay to ensure your post appears in newsfeeds.  Facebook, like Google, is also geared towards the user experience.  That said, they want users to have an excellent experience and want them to interact by sharing, liking and commenting.  Those activities boost the social experience and keep users engaged with the site.

So how do you get your Facebook posts noticed?

  1. Share status updates with content attached.  Yesterday, Facebook announced that users are more likely to read and share posts from businesses that have stories attached to them (not links embedded in the post).  So when sharing content use the “link share” feature with your post.  This way a preview of the content appears below your post. Facebook claims your post will then be shown more often.   Facebook likes this because users like this.
  2. Cut down on posts that are only text based.  According to Facebook research, users do not engage with these posts so therefore Facebook will not show them as often.
  3. Share Content your users want or need to see.  As you know, here at Your Social Media Hour we believe in sharing content that will add value to your users experience.  By doing this you engage the user and they will interact with your content.   Every time they share, like or comment on your post it has a chance of showing up in the newsfeed of their friends.  This type of organic distribution is exactly the credibility  you need to naturally boost the visibility of your posts.

I work with my clients every day to develop strategic social media campaign plans to reach potential and current customers and clients.  When  you connec with the right individuals and share relevant content you will be rewarded in the Facebook algorithm.



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