Christmas Jammies: #Brilliant

Small business owners have a very unique opportunity to showcase their personality and style when promoting a business. I do believe it is important to have some personal space away from your professional life, however, there are times when the perfect storm strikes and you have the opportunity to blend. Penn and Kim Holderness of Green Room Production have done just that.  Rather than doing a traditional holiday card, they produced a video recap of their year.  After making you laugh at their poignant and ridiculous moments they briefly mention that Penn will be leaving his current job to join Kim in video production.  The video is as brilliant as it is now viral.

Why is this strategy brilliant?

  1. They hook you with hilarity and creativity.
  2. After you fall in love with them, their adorable children, their jammies, and have sufficiently laughed out loud, they let you know that they are in video production and can produce something similar for you, your business, and major companies.
  3. They show their high quality.  This video is done well.  The video and audio are both clear.
  4. It is a video!  Google loves video, users love video.
  5. They struck at the right time of year.

It is no wonder this video went viral.  It has all the elements of success.   I do encourage all my clients to build a collection of videos to showcase products and services as well as show some personality.  But, an important point is that not everyone should be dancing around in their Christmas jammies and revealing personal details of their life.  The most important point to remember with marketing is to be authentically you so if you are not comfortable dancing around your front yard in your jammies then you should not.  Also consider your core business.  If you are in a conservative field it is always acceptable to let your personality shine, but do jumping around making fun of yourself might not be received well.


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