My Ideal Social Media Client

I was recently at a networking event exchanging business cards and connecting with small business owners.  I love sharing my mission to help small business owners position their goods and services on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Gooogle+ and Facebook.  As the official program started the moderator decided to add a change to the standard 60 second elevator speech.  We were to each take a few seconds to explain our company but then move quickly to explaining our ideal client.  This was an easy one for me.

For my subsciption service , the ideal client is any small business owner who wants to start moving forward and needs a plan to connect.  My clients receive a daily email outlining what to do on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+.  The system costs only $25 per month and  starts with instructions on how to set-up accounts or optimize those you already have in your name.  Then we move forward with basic instructions as you get comfortable moving around in each social media platform.  Each day I offer suggestions on how to reach those you are already connected to, as well as tips and tricks.  I do all the research and planning for you!

Then, there are also some clients who work with me on an individual basis.  These clients range from those who want extra assistance as they establish an internet presence to those who have been working hard to mark their space on the internet and want to take their efforts to the next level.  In addition to personally setting up social media accounts I help these clients write posts, website articles, and establish a regular blogging routine.    Most of these clients partner with me with a reluctant “I don’t have time but know I have to do something..” and by working with me, usually for a short amount of time they are off on their own.  I help them put systems into place that are easy to manage.

Small business owners have many different balls to juggle on a daily basis.  Marketing efforts can seem overwhelming to research and implement.  I love helping my clients get started and then supporting them as the position their goods and services using a website, blog and social media platforms.

So, who is your ideal client?

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