Your Social Media Hour – Let’s Do This

Welcome to the inaugural blog post for Your Social Media Hour. My name is Jennifer Gardella, and I started my website site to help small business owners just like you make sense of the complex world of Social Media.

What Is Social Media?
I wouldn’t say there is one universal definition of Social Media. It really is an umbrella idea encompassing many different websites where individuals can engage. The websites greatly differ in both purpose and function so knowing where your business fits and how to interact is very important. For instance, you would not tweet on Twitter the same way you would share your blog post on LinkedIn.

What is Social Media Important for Your Small Business?
Through social media sites, you have the opportunity to interact with your clients as they play on the internet. You can showcase products and services and generate conversations positioning you as an expert in your business. Social media also has the ability to drive traffic to your website. This activity shows individuals

I recently worked as the Director of Marketing for a law firm in New Jersey. When I started in the position I understood the importance of social media and fielded many calls from companies wanting to handle the tasks for me. However, I believe in authentic engagement (link to article), and know that the owner is the best person to be communicating messages for any business.

Why Should You Manage Social Media for Your Firm?
When individuals interact on social they believe they are interacting with the actual business. Having an outside firm handle that task for you may cause problems. If a customer tweets out “I just had the best pizza at Joe’s” and a firm acknowledges that tweet, the customer may walk in next time and talk about it. If you don’t know anything about the tweet, well, you are caught.

But as all small business owners know, there are only so many hours in the day. You have many other tasks to attend to keep your business running. How are you going to fit in time each and every day to handle your social media campaign? That is where I come in.

How I Can Help You
I have built my website and service to provide you with my expertise in a digestible format when you have the time to engage. I’ve written articles, and will be adding more each week, to help you get set-up and understand the basics. If you join my service, every day I will send you an email with detailed social media tasks for your day. The email is organized to get you through about an hour of priority task but I also include suggestions if you have more time. Some days you will get through it all but there will be times when you don’t. It’s all good. The important part is that you have a plan and are engaging.

So welcome to the exiting world of social media. If you previously thought you had no idea where to start, well I know that I can help you start moving immediately. My goal is to provide you with the resources you need for your company to be successful on social media. If you have any questions, please reach out to me.

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